Knack 2

Title: Knack 2
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 9/5/17
Overview: Knack is back in a brand-new action-platformer for the whole family. The amazing transforming hero can change in size from a big guy to a little guy as needed. He can grow from 2-feet tall to the size of a building to solve tricky puzzles and bypass challenging obstacles. Knack has 20 astounding moves – including the boomerang, whip-rush, multibomb, and body slam – so combat is always exciting. As you explore Knack’s world, you’ll collect relics and power-ups and fight tons of bad guys. You can even hijack robots and tanks to use against your enemies or just smash them to bits! Knack 2 takes full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s power with its lush, colorful visuals and fast-as-lightning action.