Baja: Edge of Control HD

Title: Baja: Edge of Control HD
Publisher: Nordic Games
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 9/12/17
Overview: Off-road racing has never been this awesome. The HD remaster of the 2008 classic lets you race over 1,000 miles of the toughest terrain on Earth, from mountains to mud to deep canyons and everything in between. There are more than 160 vehicles to choose from and customize, so whether you like racing dune buggies or heavy-duty trucks, Edge of Control has you covered. The game includes insane Hill Climb contests, Open Class races, Circuit Races, and the ultimate challenge: Baja Endurance Races! The game’s unique physics means every race will feel real, right down to lifelike vehicle damage and on-the-fly maintenance. The free-roaming gameplay lets you explore a world of hidden tracks, jumps, and off-road craziness. So get down in the dirt and start racing!