Title: MXGP 3
Publisher: Milestone
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 6/19/17
Overview: With MXGP 3, the official motocross game strives to be “more than real.” From the graphics to the physics to the bikes, everything in MXGP 3 is as true to life as you can get. Built on Unreal Engine 4, MXGP 3 uses innovative techniques to create ultrarealistic visuals. Race physics mirror the visceral thrill of motocross – you’ll feel like you’re piloting a roaring, highly tuned dirt bike through a harrowing track, inches from other races. Like a professional rider, you’ll have to monitor the ever-changing condition of the track – dirt and mud respond dynamically to the race. You’ll need to account for the weather too. MXGP 3’s dynamic weather system goes from blinding sun to sudden storms and everything in between.