Little Nightmares

Title: Little Nightmares
Publisher: Namco
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 4/27/17
Overview: This creepy puzzle-platformer will bring your childhood fears to life. In the dark and quirky world of Little Nightmares, dreams, visions, and reality blend together into something truly unique. You are a doll-sized girl named Six, and you are trapped at the bottom of The Maw – a grim watercraft in the sea. As you ascend toward The Above, you’ll meet the lost souls who call this place home. Each accursed tenant is a danger, and each dreary room is a trap. To survive, you’ll have to free your imagination in order to solve the fiendish puzzles. But be careful – a wrong move in the Maw could end in death or worse. Little Nightmares’ horror is lightened with truly inventive visuals, amazing sound design, and a strangely whimsical tone – it’s one of a kind!