Blackguards 2

Title: Blackguards 2
Publisher: Kalypso
Genre: Strategy/Sim
Release Date: 9/12/17
Overview: Experience a gritty tale of revenge in this tactical turn-based RPG. After years of imprisonment, the disgraced noblewoman Cassia has gone mad. Her husband locked her up, and now she seeks retribution. Heedless of the cost, Cassia intends to seize the throne and exact revenge upon her husband. You’ll play as Cassia and team up with a notorious company of mercenaries known as the Blackguards to wage war against southern Aventuria. However, you must be quick to reach your goal before madness claims the last of your sanity. You can specialize in physical combat, like melee and ranged attacks, or focus on wielding magic instead. Throughout your quest, your choices will determine whether the people fear you as a conqueror or admire you as a liberator.